Locomotion scoring is an effective way of identifying clinical lameness. Karl Burgi
After implementing FUNCTIONAL HOOF TRIMMING METHODS, lameness rates dropped 50% within one year. NADA Dairy, Karl Burgi 2012
Saudi Arabia
The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Dairyland Initiative strongly favors deep loose bedding, specifically sand, over other man-made surfaces because of the greater cushion, traction, and support such a surface provides.
United States
Feet and leg scores improved 2-4 points in herds where FUNCTIONAL HOOF TRIMMING was performed on springing heifers. Moxey Farms, Leppington Pastoral Company, 2008
Consistency in mixing and feeding is the key to sound foot health. Jim Barmore, GPS Dairy Consulting
Sixty-seven percent of the heifers initially infected with DD during the rearing period experienced a case of DD during the first lactation. Dopfer, Gomez, 2015

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